Happy Holidays!!

What better way to celebrate than to have seen the San Antonio Boat Parade this Thanksgiving.

San Antonio Boat Parade 21
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Bandaloni is Doing Something About It

Last year Paul David celebrated his 20th anniversary as the One Man Band, Bandaloni,  performing at numerous fairs and festivals  across the U.S. and Canada.  The Great New York State Fair, the Iowa State Fair, and the Calgary Stampede but a few of the many venues he has performed over the years.  But all that came to a halt in 2020, as it has for so many of our fair performers.  Only a handful of fairs have taken place, and even among those, activities are scaled back with few, if any, entertainers.

Norfolk Cropped

This year Bandaloni is not willing to sit out the season.  He has been hiking the Bruce Trail in Ontario, Canada.  In return for fan support, he has been sharing songs as well as videos and photos of his journey on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.  This is much bigger than a way of earning a living in this season of no fairs. He’s bringing attention to all the fair and festival performers who have been left without work this year and who have received virtually no media attention.  He is also bringing attention to the beauty of the Bruce Trail with 10% of his journey’s proceeds going directly to the Bruce Trail Conservancy.

Band Silver Creek Cons Area

The Bruce Trail is 900km nature trail; that’s 559.234 miles, starting in Queenston, Ontario, at the top of the Niagara Escarpment and finishing at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula, in Tobermory.  The trail mostly follows the edge of the Niagara Escarpment, one of the thirteen UNESCO World Biosphere Reserves in Canada.


Maps | Bruce Trail

Hiking the trail has been a challenge as many of the sections have been closed due to Covid, so he is not hiking the trail sequentially, but Bandaloni does keep returning and filling in various sections.  Follow his adventures at Bandaloni Facebook and support all our talented Fair & Festival performers.

Band at Georgian Bay






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You can help our fair & carnival performers

The entire season has been pretty much wiped out for those who earn their living entertaining at fairs and festivals during the summer months.  Bandaloni is doing something about it by taking a 600 mile trek along the Bruce Trail in Canada, highlighting the natural beauty of the trail as well as bringing attention to our festival performers.

Please follow him along on his journey and spread the word.  We want all our performers to weather the storm and be back with us next year.


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Train Room Hamburg Brewing

Went on a tour of the Hamburg Brewing Company.  The brewery tour is interesting, but the Train Room is fantastic!


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Remembering the Fairview Inn

One of my favorite childhood memories of the Fair (maybe because even then I liked to find a bargain?), was the time my parents & I found an unused pass in the parking lot.  Back then you paid your admission at the outer gate with your parking, so there was just the outer fence, no inner fence or the need for hand stamps, you could just go back and forth to the parking lot.

We called my uncle who was still at home, so he could use the pass, but it did require a bit of planning to get it to him because he could not get into the gate to get it and we could not leave past the gate as there were no hand stamps.  So my dad went to the corner of the parking lot behind what was then the Fairview Inn and my uncle parked at the Inn, so my dad could give it to him through the fence.

Now that the Fairview Inn turned Carrubba’s is no more, this new addition to the parking lot still has happy memories.


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Hamburg MusicFest 2019!

MusicFest day turned out to be a beautiful day and was enjoyed by many.

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Molly, the ketchup dispensing robot, returns to 2019 Fair

Jim of Jim’s Fries has confirmed it!  Molly will be returning to the 2019 Erie County Fair.  She will be at trackside again, and Jim has promised that Molly will be performing some new functions.

Molly dispenses ketchup at the 2018 Erie County Fair

Be sure to find Jim’s Fries and get some ketchup from Molly

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Love My Park Day

Cleaning up the beach at Evangola.


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Earth Day Cleanup at Penn Dixie

Planting new trees.

This area should be really beautiful when the leaves come out.


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Spring Peepers at Evangola

Don’t bother with the visual, you can see much of anything.  Just turn up the volume.


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