Enjoy a free program at NY State parks

Payroll tax calendar of the day:  Just over a week left to file quarterly returns due April 30th.  If making a federal payment by phone don’t forget that it must be called in by 8 PM the day before the business day that the payment is to be credited.

Last month I went on an evening nature walk at Evangola State park.  First our guide showed us pictures and played recordings of the birds and frogs which we would hopefully hear during our outing.  We learned a lot of interesting information  about these creatures and then headed out on our dusk walk.

Unfortunately, the birds were quiet that night, but we did hear the spring peepers, Our guide showed us several areas of the park and informed us of the park features such as the new visitors center as we made a wide circle around the park.

Evangola State Park

Visit Evangola State Park'

There’s another twilight walk coming up this Friday, April 27th at  Buckhorn Island State Park.  The walk, as well as other state park programs, is free.  You can call 549-1050  for info or check out all the programs at their website.

To check out the spring schedule, click on the region box, and then check Niagara region when the list comes up.




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