Support our NY State Parks on May 5th!

Payroll tax calendar of the day:  Quarterly reports are due April 30th.  Make sure 941’s and NYS-45’s are filed.  Also check due dates for Workers’ Comp and DBL insurance.

Last week I attended a great evening nature walk at Buckhorn Island State Park on Grand Island.  Buckhorn is a nature preserve maintaining the marshlands that originally bordered the Niagara River.  We were able to check out various marsh and swamp areas.  Most of the birds were quiet that evening but we did get to hear the spring peepers and see a lot of interesting woodland plants.

Buckhorn Island State Park

Buckhorn Island

If you are there at dusk, be sure to check out the trail along the river on the east side of the north Grand Island bridge.  There is a fantastic view of the sunset behind the bridge.  Dopey me didnt’ bring my camera :(, be sure to bring yours.

We finished up the evening by returning from swamp using candlelight lanterns which looked really cool as we all carried them along the trail. Thanx to our walk leader, Dave, for providing them.

Buckhorn Island Walk

Thank you to Dave for use of his picture

Buckhorn Island Swamp

Thanx to Dave for the use of his picture


On Saturday, May 5th, is I Love My Park Day.  It’s a great opportunity to show your appreciation of the parks and their free programs by volunteering a few hours of your time to help clean up.

Check out more info here:

You can sign up here:

Say thank you to our parks!

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