Visit the Lamberton Conservatory while in Rochester

Payroll tax calendar of the day:  Next due date for monthly depositors is June 15th.  Next sales tax due date for quarterly filers is June 20th.

Lamberton Conservatory is located in Highland Park in Rochester, home of the Lilac Festival.  Be sure to check it out if attending the festival, but it’s open year round so you can visit it any time you’re in the area.

Lamberton Conservatory

Lamberton Conservatory is open year round

In addition to the tropical flowers and the cacti, you’ll want to check the  ponds to see the turtles (about 8 of them), and two tortoises in the cacti room.   Also, there are four Button Quails roaming within the conservatory.  They’re about 3 inches long and really cute.  Be sure to look down as you’re walking so you don’t miss seeing them!



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