A great lecture about dinosaurs!

Payroll tax calendar of the day: Monthly deposits for May will be due June 15th.  Quarterly sales taxes must be filed and paid by June 20th.

Last night I attended a really interesting lecture presented by the Penn Dixie site.  PaleoJoe of Midland, MI, presented Dinosaur CSI.



PaleoJoe presents Dinosaur CSI

Joe explained how CSI techniques are used to determine how dinosaurs lived their lives as well as how they died.  For example, the presence of broken teeth around dino bones would indicate that it was killed by a carnivorous dinosaur.  When eating the victim, and biting into bones, the attacking dino would break off teeth.

Groupings of dino footprints of varying sizes meant that families of that particular species herded together as indicated by the footprints of different aged dino’s.

Very interesting look into the lives of the dinosaurs.  Be sure to check out PaleoJoes’s site.


Ask the Penn Dixie site to bring him back next year!





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