If you love dogs, please check out this petition

Payroll tax calendar of the day:  monthly deposits for May are due June 15th.  Quarterly sales tax returns are due June 20th.

I’ve recently read about a new rule that NY state parks are imposing this year limiting campers to 2 dogs per campsite.  This rule is supposedly for the comfort of surrounding campers, yet has the flawed thinking of imposing an arbitrary limit on the number of dogs, rather than imposing limits on behavior.

Please check out this petition; its author explains the issue in detail:


New York parks are a wonderful asset and we should all be able to enjoy them with our entire family.  If you believe that restrictions should be based on how campers behave and how considerate they are to their fellow campers rather than a number limit, please consider signing.

Petition for NY dogs

Please consider signing

Dog lovers; let’s speak out and make our voices heard!


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