Prepare for the transit of Venus on June 5th

Payroll tax calendar of the day:  Monthly tax deposits for May are due June 15th.  Sales tax quarter ends May 31st.  Quarterly sales tax returns are due June 20th.

On June 5th Venus will transit the sun, an event that won’t happen again for over 100 years.   Get ready for this historic event by attending When Venus Transits the Sun at the Whitworth Ferguson Planetarium at Buffalo State.

Venus transiting the sun

Check out When Venus Transits the Sun

Learn what to expect for the transit, how to view it safely, and see a Sky Tonight tour.  The program continues through June 6th.

You may wish to check out their two other current shows, Wonders of the Springtime Sky through June 9th, and Our Invisible Universe through June 16th.

Be sure to make reservations to secure a seat.




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