Enjoy the bicentennial parade on the 16th.

Payroll tax calendar of the day:  Monthly tax deposits are due the 15th.  When submitting IRS payments on-line or by phone, don’t forget that the payment must be submitted by 8 p.m. eastern time the day before the due date.

As part of the Hamburg bicentennial celebration, there will be a Woodlawn Beach Party on June 15th to the 17th.  One of the many festivities that weekend will be a parade at noon from Woodlawn Fire Co. to Woodlawn Beach State Park.  Anyone who attended town parades in 60’s and 70’s will remember the Kingsmen.  The popular drum and bugle corps, which disbanded in 1977, will be reuniting for this special event.


Kingsmen reunite for parade

The reunion is a one time only event, so be sure to catch the parade.   Read about the history of the Kingsmen and their reuniting here:



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