Erie County Fair Snapping Turtle

Payroll tax calendar of the day:  Monthly deposits for August are due Monday, Sept. 17th.

If anyone was concerned about the snapping turtle in the Conservation Building at the fair, he’s OK.

He wasn’t moving around last Sunday afternoon and several people were worried that he was OK.   I returned to the building a few hours later and his caretaker had him out of the tank for people to see and to warm up.

snapping turtle

Snapping Turtle

The caretaker explained to me that because the water is kept cool in the tanks for the fish, which is too cool for the turtle’s usual habitat, he would be taken out periodically to warm up.  The cool water conditions caused to turtle to be sluggish, which is why he had not been moving around earlier.  He could only stay outside briefly, however, because if he warmed up too much he would become active, and, well, cranky.

It was cool to see him outside of his tank, and very interesting to talk to his caretaker about his care while attending the fair.  After the fair, he returned to his home at a preserve in Elma.

Read some more information about snapping turtles here:

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