Scenic beauty at Evangola State Park

Payroll Tax calendar of the day:  Monthly deposits for September are due October 15th.  If you have changed banks, or bank accounts, don’t forget to change your bank account and routing numbers when authorizing payments with EFTPS.  You must add your new bank info by using the third prompt for adding a new account.  You will then be instructed to supply your new routing and account numbers.  They will then give you a new confirmation number and new pin number.

If the old account is no longer going to be used, you will want to have it deleted.  Call the customer service number on the notice with your original pin number  (1-800-555-4477) and they will give you instructions on how to delete the old account.

Last week, I attended a very interesting program at Evangola State Park about the Pan American Exposition followed by a night-time walk along the cliff overlooking Lake Erie.

First, we were treated to a presentation about the history of the Pan Am, including numerous pictures and films taken at the Expo.   For more information about the Pan American Exposition and the Historical Society’s Resource Center, check out these links.

After the presentation, we took a candle lantern walk on the cliff above the lake shore.   It was completely dark by the time we started our walk, but the sun was setting when I arrived in the evening.

Sunset at Evangola State Park

Sunset over Lake Erie at Evangola

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