Happy Halloween!

Payroll Tax  calendar of the day:  Quarterly returns (941 & NYS-45) are due October 31st.

While carving my pumpkin the other night, I was thinking about the great innovations that are now available for Jack O Lanterns that have evolved since I was young.

Now you can carve with a rounded end saw which is not only a lot safer than Mom’s carving knife, but works a lot better too!  The saws can easily make a rounded cut, something I could never accomplish with a regular knife.  Back in the day, I had to use a potato peeler to get all the rounded shapes, now I can saw them with ease.

The scooper which came with the saw is also a great innovation.  It has a serrated edge on one side for scraping the inside of the pumpkin and teeth on the other for easily grabbing and removing the insides.  Much easier that working with a regular spoon.

Finally, there is a variety of lights, eliminating the need for a candle.   These include different battery operated candles and strobe lights that can change colors or imitate candle flicker.

If you haven’t gotten your pumpkin yet, you still have time;  there’s still a good variety at the local stands.


Jack O Lantern

Happy Halloween!


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