Enjoy nature walks at NYS parks

Payroll tax calendar of the day: Quarterly returns 941 and NYS-45 are due April 30th.

With the weather finally breaking, this is the time to check out nature walks and other activities at NYS parks. Click on the Niagara region to get a list of activities in our area.


Coming up on Friday, April 26th, will be and evening walk at Buckhorn Island State Park on Grand Island. The walk will last until after dusk and participants will return to the light of candle lanterns. Be sure to take your camera! Last year I neglected to take mine and missed a great shot of the north Grand Island Brides at sunset.


A helpful hint; Buckhorn does not have restrooms, so you may want to make a pit stop on the way.

Buckhorn Island Swamp

Thanx to Dave at NYS Parks for the use of his picture 2012


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