Another special with Nik Wallenda

Payroll tax calendar of the day:  monthly federal tax deposits for June are due July 15th.  Don’t forget that NY withholding will be payable before the 15th when the liability reaches $700.  If your previous year’s state withholding taxes were under $15,000 and your SWT has reached $700, it must be deposited within 5 business days; if your last year’s liability was $15,000 or more, then the SWT deposit is due within 3 business days.  If the SWT for the balance of the quarter is under $700, (or the entire quarter if the total is under $700), it is due on July 31st, and can be paid with the NYS-45.

This coming Sunday, June 30th.  Discovery will be repeating Nik Wallenda’s nail-biting walk across the Grand Canyon.  This time Nik  will tell the audience what was happening as his walk is replayed.  Because he had to concentrate on the wire conditions during the live walk, Nik chose not to talk with the audience.   Sunday’s show will give us the opportunity to hear what he was encountering.  Catch it at 8 p.m. this Sunday.

Nik W crossing Grand Canyon

Nik Wallenda crossing Grand Canyon,0,6591355.photogallery

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