Fond memories of the Kronenberg Building

Payroll tax calendar of the day:  Quarterly forms 941 and NYS-45 are due July 31st.  If you pay disability insurance on a quarterly basis, that many also be due at the end of July.

Saturday’s Burger Fest brought with it an unexpected opportunity.  The Kronenberg Building, which is currently being renovated into commercial space and apartments,  was open for the public to see.  Having fond memories of my mom taking me to Kronenberg’s Department Store as a child, it was interesting to see the new development in progress.  The second floor, which is currently an open space, will be divided into apartments.  These will include heat, air, and have dedicated parking.    Even in it’s partial finished state, it looks beautiful and was exciting as well as nostalgic to see.

You can see videos of the work, as well as contact info if you might be interested in renting, at the following link.  You’ll want to watch the videos of the progress, especially if you remember Kronenberg’s.  Most interesting is how they salvaged and restored the front windows, and took down, cleaned, and reused the bricks on one side of the building because they just don’t make that kind of brick anymore.

Kronenberg Building

The Kronenberg Building is now being renovated.,

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