Got Milkweed?

Payroll tax calendar of the day:  Quarterly forms 941 and NYS-45 are due July 31st.

If you visited the Skyriver Butterfly aviary at last year’s fair, you learned that the only thing monarch butterfly larva eat is milkweed.  If there are any weeds growing in your area you may have some milkweed that has sprouted up, so it is important to let it continue to grow if at all possible.

The pictures on display by Skyriver were had a different color flower than our local milkweed, but I was able to verify that this is indeed milkweed.  Last fall I was fortunate enough to attend a talk on the monarchs at Evangola State Park during their fall migration and the park naturalist showed us some of the native plants growing in the park.  It has pink flowers and was blooming a couple of weeks ago.

WNY native milkweed

Western NY native milkweed


The Skyriver Butterflies will be at the Fair again this year, open until 9 every evening.   The small donation to feed the butterflies is well worth the expense but admission to the exhibit is free.  Allow plenty of time and bring your camera.

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