Clarence is preparing for his trip

Payroll tax calendar of the day:  monthly payroll tax deposits are due October 15th; quarterly returns are due October 31st.

Meet Clarence, (named after the Clarence Farmer’s Market, where I got him), a monarch butterfly caterpillar.  After Clarence goes through his metamorphosis, he will be flying to Mexico for the winter.

Clarence was born at the Eastern Monarch Butterfly Farm.  They raise and sell caterpillars and chrysalises (although the caterpillars are done for the season now) as well as native Swamp Milkweed to plant in your yard for the caterpillars to eat. They will be at the Clarence Farmer’s Market until the end of the season.

Clarence caterpillar

Clarence’s job is to eat.

Clarence’s job as a caterpillar was to eat milkweed leaves and grow.   Then  he prepared to make his chrysalis hanging on top of his enclosure.  Right now he in in his chrysalis awaiting his transformation.

Clarence J

Clarence is preparing to make his chrysalis

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