Paranormal Walks now in Hamburg

Payroll tax calendar of the day:  Quarterly payroll tax deposits are due Tuesday, October 15th.   Quarterly returns are due October 31st.

Speaking of October 31st, this time of year has lots of area paranormal walks, and we finally have a walk in Hamburg. 

Every Friday through November 1st, meet at Monroe’s Place/ Melanie’s Eats and  Sweets, 182 Lake Street, at 7 pm.  You’ll learn about paranormal reports in the village and stop at locations of sightings.  You’ll be surprised where ghosts have been reported right in the heart of Hamburg.

The tour is $10 but don’t forget to click on the “coupon” link for $1 off.

If your guide, Mr.  Koerner, doesn’t tell you how the Father Baker Bridge got it’s name, be sure to ask. He enjoys telling that story!



See where there have been ghost sightings in Hamburg

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