Remembering the Fairview Inn

One of my favorite childhood memories of the Fair (maybe because even then I liked to find a bargain?), was the time my parents & I found an unused pass in the parking lot.  Back then you paid your admission at the outer gate with your parking, so there was just the outer fence, no inner fence or the need for hand stamps, you could just go back and forth to the parking lot.

We called my uncle who was still at home, so he could use the pass, but it did require a bit of planning to get it to him because he could not get into the gate to get it and we could not leave past the gate as there were no hand stamps.  So my dad went to the corner of the parking lot behind what was then the Fairview Inn and my uncle parked at the Inn, so my dad could give it to him through the fence.

Now that the Fairview Inn turned Carrubba’s is no more, this new addition to the parking lot still has happy memories.


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