Payroll taxes and fun events in WNY

The primary purpose of this blog is to assist employers with deadline reminders and where to find information about federal and NY state payroll taxes.  When I first started working at an accounting firm in the 70’s, the instructions for the 941 form were included on the back of a 1 page form; as of 2010, the 941 form has an 8 page instruction booklet.

Anyone who had to find the forms for NY Dept of Labor’s Wage Theft Prevention Act  knows how frustrating it was to find the forms or instructions.  There was no mention of it on the Dept of Labor’s home page and the only way I could find it in a search was by entering the entire name.  If you didn’t know the name of the law there was no way to find it.

I worked for an accounting firm for 7 years, and have been a freelance bookkeeper for over 30.  My bookkeeping business has been a member of the Hamburg, Eden, and Orchard Park Chambers of Commerce for 30+ years.  I’ve learned a lot about payroll and sales taxes during this time as well as how to naviagate the IRS and NY websites to locate information.

I hope to offer helpful hints for finding information as well as remind you of tax deadlines.

Because there can be stretches between deadlines, and let’s face it, taxes can be dull, this blog will have a secondary and more fun purpose, to discuss interesting and fun events in and around Western NY.

They may not be an official event, but the spring peepers started singing last week.  Be sure to get outside in the evening and enjoy them!

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